Our Values

Respect for all human beings:  We understand our value and honor of the others because we think this is the only true way to earn respect.  We recognize the rights of all people and society.

Non-discrimination: We promote and practice equal rights treatment for all people, and would never consider a person or community inferior due to his/her origin, religious beliefs, political opinions, social class, gender, or disease.

Mutual understanding: We know and understand the great diversity of attitudes, customs, cultures, and behaviors of people that emerge from different living situations.  This knowledge has been attained through decades of experience which allows us to contribute to meeting and satisfying their needs.

Cooperation: We support and carry out joint efforts for the benefit of all by contributing ideas, experiences, work, resources and motivation among other elements which bring about equal benefits for all persons and for community development.

Tolerance: We respect people’s rights to have their own beliefs and ideas.

Excellence: We strive for the highest levels of personal and organizational performance and encourage others to do the same in everyday work.  Our challenge is to optimize our resources and raise the highest levels of efficiency, effectiveness and progressive learning through creativity and continuous innovation.

Solidarity: We are part of a group of various types of services and orientations which contribute in different ways to achieve the goals and objectives for the decentralization of the country and to act accordingly with these objectives.

Teamwork: We always put value on a group effort to utilize all human resources available and effectively assist in achieving the institutional goals.  (More heads are better than one)

Consultation: We develop the institutional capacity from the consensus of our policies, plans, and programs.